24 May 2009

my other project

While I am spending a lot of time on the Cole family right now, with film from the Family History Library and new online databases and record images, I also am chipping away at another project involving a different line altogether. This other project focuses on the Hop family from the Harderwijk area of Gelderland.
As I did further research on the collateral lines (on my father's father's side) I started finding some surnames recurring in many lines. So, I started trying to find how - or if - these people were actually related. Thus started my Hop surname study. It now numbers over 700 people in the database and I have information on many more to add. At this time I am concentrating on those families I have definitely linked to my family. I have added many first and second cousins to the family, now I am adding their children and spouses. And, interestingly, I am finding that some of these relatives also came to the United States, mostly also to Ottawa County, Michigan.