19 June 2009

Back to the Cole family

Levi Cole, the father of my grandmother, was born in Kent County, Michigan in 1854, about a year and a half after his parents arrived in the United States. He died in 1904 at the age of 49. As the first son, in the Dutch custom, he is named for his father's father.
In 1876 Levi married Kate Snyder. She had been born in the Netherlands and came to the United States with her parents and two older brothers in 1856 when she is just 3 months old. Two other Snijder children had died in the Netherlands before the family left for America. Kate lived to be 76 years old. in 1932. She died after being stricken with what was most likely a stroke the night the house next to hers caught fire. The story I heard (about 65 years later) was that she was taken to daughter Grace's house nearby where she later died.

Tona Cole was born Thona van Beek in Nieuwerkerk, Zeeland, Netherlands in 1829. She died in 1919 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. She married Lieven Koole in Zeeland, and they came to the US in 1852. This is image is the only one I know of of the immigrant generation. I have never seen or heard of any pictures of her husband Peter or of Kate Snyder's parents.

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