18 July 2009

So, before the wordless day, I mentioned that I have this Cole line traced back to my 7th great-grandparents. We very boringly call them great-great-great, etc., grandparents. Dutch is way much cooler - they have a name for each generation of grandparents up to the 64th generation and beyond!

Parents are ouders and grandparents are grootouders. So far, pretty much the same. But then they start a system of names for each earlier generation. Great-grandparents are overgrootouders. Great-great-grandparents are betovergrootouders. then come oudouders (3rd great-grands), oudgrootouders (4th), oudovergrootouders (5th), oudbetovergrootouders (6th) and stamouders - 7th great-grandparents. This, to me, would be Pieter Koole and Lijsbeth Robbregts.

If you notice the pattern - after the first four are repeated with a prefix term. First "oud-" is added before each of the four terms. Then "stam" is added to each term (8th great would be stamgrootouders). But then it carries on with the next four - so "stam" is added to the "oud" series of 4 also. Then "edel" is added before the whole string and after that "voor" is added to begin the string.
That takes one up to generation 64. So you eventually get to vooredelstamoudbetovergrootouders. What a kick!!
Of course, not many of us have documented lineage going back that far, and not many people use these terms. But fascinating, anyway.
You can look up the whole string, plus additional terms to continue on for generations more on Wikipedia < http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voorouder >

Oh, by-the-way -- child is kind, grandchild = kleinkind. Next comes achterkleinkind. But that's it - no more special words.

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