27 September 2009

Where I began on this line

Lately I have been sorting out the masses of paper I have accumulated from personal research, client research, teaching and whatever else. I came across this:

This is a printout from 1992, when I first computerized my genealogy. (The old dot-matrix printer!) This starts with my grandfather's mother and shows what little I knew then of her family.
One of the first things I did find on this family was the North Holland Reformed Church record at the Joint Archives of Holland. This register lists all the members of the family with birth dates, sometimes marriages and often continues with the children of the next generation. I do not have a photocopy of the page, but was able to transcribe the data so I had birthdates for all the Morren children. As they were all born in the Netherlands, I had to go on to other sources. It was quite a few years later when I finally made a trip to Salt Lake City to the Family History Library, which has millions of rolls of microfilm of records from all over the world -- including from the Netherlands.

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