25 August 2016

Well, not a great reboot!  Over two weeks since my last post.  Well, really, not so bad.
I have at least accomplished some things genealogical in these past 2 weeks.  For one, much has changed in the online world as far as websites and records available for research.  I am tempted to jump in and explore all these new sources!! However, there has also been a new edition of my genealogy software (RootsMagic, now version 7).
   So, I upgraded to that and have been spending some time learning what new features are available.  I also have been finding problems in my data.  RM has a little warning symbol show up as a "Problem Alert"  by items it thinks might be wrong, such as died before being born(!) or child born before marriage (not always a "problem"!!)  I am looking at these and trying to clean up some of those issues.  I've also found some errors that have crept in, either due to moving from one program to another or simply data entry errors. The error I am particularly interested in correcting has to do with misplaced sources.  I find some facts have a completely wrong source.  I think these errors came up when I transferred from one program to another.  But now -- find and fix!!
  None of this is very exciting, not likely to discover new lines or relatives.  but it is a very necessary part of the record-keeping.  And a side benefit is it refreshes my memory of who was who, what I know and what I don't know, so maybe I can be a bit more focused in my research after this!

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