08 August 2016

Wow.  This is so strange!  It has been so long since I posted anything here...I couldn't even find it.  Could not remember which of many email addresses I used.
But now, I've found it.  I am here.  The blog is here.  Still exploring changes made to the platform.

Since I was last here, there have been many changes to me, my life and family.  But I have been involved with genealogy all that time.  I added a son-in-law to the tree (and did some research on his family) and now a granddaughter and grandson.  Will be adding another son-in-law next spring (and have done some research on his family also).  I joined Find-A-Grave and have been creating memorials and adding photos.  I did more research and added 4 more DAR Patriot ancestors for my daughter.  And I quit work!

This last has been the Fantastic!  I moved, so now am close to grandkids and enjoy being able to help out.  I've been dealing with remodeling issues a lot for the past 3+ months.  But now, I'm hoping to get myself into a research and report routine.
I finally upgraded RootsMagic and will be taking some time learning about changes.  And then will decided what line or topic I will write on next.

Stay tuned.

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